Why do we make the difference? – KARISHOP

Why do we make the difference?


-Why do we make the difference?

-We care about direct communication with our customers in case of any doubt or question. In less than 24 hours an agent will answer your question, either by mail or chat. You will not only speak with bots or automatic messages. 

-When something doesn't turn out as you expected, and we are to making a refund ( in case of loss or return), we do it immediately, only through Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards. we don't go around or take out the body, or offer our customers a percentage of total price or skip emails.

-Before sending the product, we carry out a detailed and responsible quality control either for package and product carried out in our warehouse.

-Our free shipping is made whether you buy 10$ or over 100$. You won't find extra surprise fees or taxes at checkout or afterwards.

-Our payment method is one of the safest, you don't need to provide card details in our website, your purchase is protected.

-We are always open to go into business with small stores and we offer important wholesale discounts.