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Cycling Mask With Breathing Valve


New style Cycling Mask with breathing valve, it protects your face and skin, washable and long_lasting.

Name: New style riding mask with eye mask.
Fabric: Mesh breathable fabric + anti-fog lens.
Weight: 46g.
Function: anti-sandstorm, face protection, dust-proof and odor-proof.
Cleaning method: The entire mask can be washed with water, do not rub it,

and it can be used again after natural drying.

Use period: The mask can be used for more than 2 years. The filter is changed every 4-6 hours during the special period, and it is changed once a day, depending on the situation (please replace the filter in time if it becomes black or damaged).

Suitable for scenes: outdoor, sports, cycling, motorcycle travel, etc. The outer mesh shell is breathable, the breathing valve is condensed (closed) when inhaling, and opening the valve when exhaling (exhales) better protects personal health.
About peculiar smell: The mask material is made of diving cloth, and the smell is normal. You can take out the filter first and soak it in warm water for 15 minutes. The smell will gradually disappear. The filter cannot be washed.

How to replace the filter element

1: Rotate the air valve in the OPEN direction, turn it to the end and pull it out

with a little force.

2: After replacing the activated carbon liner, turn the air valve in the CLOSE

direction until it stops.

Size: Free size, suitable for most people, soft material, comfortable to wear,

designed according to human face shape, covering the part below the bridge

of the nose, the bridge of the nose is fixed with a nose clip to prevent

slipping. There are vents on the mouth, and the back neck is fixed by Velcro.