Concealer Pen


Two Shades portable concealer Pen, waterproof and long lasting.


Type: Bronzer & Highlighter
Size: Full Size
Quantity: 1pc contour stick
Number of Pieces: One Unit
NET WT: 3.6g
Feature 3: face contouring
Benefit: Concealer ,Oil_Control, Long_lasting


★ DOUBLE-HEADED DESIGN - The Concealer Stick is equipped with a highlighter tip to create a three-dimensional makeup and improve skin tone. In addition, the shadow can use be hairline modification, eyes primer, highlight, concealer to create a sexy and plump face.

★ BRIGHTEN -Effectively brighten the complexion, lightly press on the lines of the law, the corners of the mouth, the brow bone, and the corners of the eyes, and then smudge with a foundation brush to brighten the complexion.

★ CONTOUR/HIGHLIGHT MADE EASY - Helps to repair the appearance, lightly press on the hairline, cheeks, and jawline, and then gently open with a repairing brush, you can modify the face shape, create three-dimensional delicate features, so as to get rid of the edges and corners of the face.

★ LIGHTWEIGHT TEXTURE -The texture is very thin,The texture of the concealer stick is very thin, it is in the state of concealer, it is more hydrated, and it also has some moisturizing effects.


How To Use:

Step 1: Round face dark on both sides bright in the middle in the middle

Step 2: Dark mandible bright zone

Step 3: Cheekbones turn black forehead brightens

Step 4: Darken and down brighten cheekbones